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Tina Bonner

Tina Bonner is an award winning entrepreneur, notable motivational speaker, dynamic podcast host and founder/CEO of the viral Black In Meta organization. She is a business builder who is passionate about creating companies where brand impact and value, trumps the bottom line. Being a forward thinker with a unique thought process, Tina is known for recognizing economic and innovation gaps within markets and trends before they become mainstream. Her entrepreneurial experience and acute industry knowledge – within the technology and innovation sectors – has made her a sought after advisor and consultant, for over a decade. 


Her latest venture, Black In Meta (BIM), was designed to be an answer to the lack of Black and Brown representation within the metaverse. BlM’s goal is to include people of color at the front end of the metaverse conversation and clear a pathway for the community to access the opportunity and revenue that will be generated via the metaverse. Black In Meta takes this one step further, by also committing to helping Black and Brown communities become competent in learning how to leverage the metaverse via content, events, and “pop up” VR activations. Utilizing social media as a tool, today Black In Meta has built a fan-based and enthusiastic community that spans over multiple platforms and has generated 2 million+ views, 20K+ reshares, 500% engagement rate, 10K+ followers, 182,749 accounts reached, 264,001 impressions within its’ first 30 days of launch. Black In Meta’s viral presence has also received recognition from multiple notable brands including Afro Tech, The Washingtonian, and Huff Magazine to name a few. Through live activations, group training, community on-boarding and more, Tina is boldly spearheading Black In Meta’s mission to introduce 1 million people of color to the metaverse by 2025! 


The root of Tina’s ambition lies within her heart. Her greatest passion is found in helping people get the tools and strategies to unlock their full potential. Tina is an elite Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, certified life & health coach, trained peak performance coach and certified functional medicine coach. Tina is also an active thought leader in her community and a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. To connect with Tina you can find her @TinaBonnerLive on Instagram/Tik Tok, or via email

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